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Dog poo bag holder and waste carrier | bogg

bogg - a dog poo bag holder and waste carrier. Waterproof, leak proof, dog walking bag

Welcome to bogg


Weighing in at only 100 grams, bogg is the featherweight of dog walking bags. A dog poo bag dispenser and waste carrier, bogg is a stylish and practical solution for the conscientious dog owner who wants to clean up after their dog and then continue to enjoy their walk without the urgency of finding a bin.

Reaching into pockets hoping to find a clean bag, only to find you've run out! bogg has a convenient front pocket that will store a supply of loose clean bags, or alternatively, a roll which can be threaded through a front dispensing hole.

A top zip accesses the main compartment allowing a full waste bag to be dropped in with little effort or fuss. With a rain proof shell and leak proof inner bag, bogg will carry its contents securely until a suitable bin is reached.

When no longer required, bogg can be stowed away in a pocket or handbag. 


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