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dog poo bag dispenser | specification bogg




A polyurethane coated ripstop fabric, used in many outdoor garments, ensures bogg can withstand the harshest elements and helps keep odours inside.  A second inner bag, made of the same fabric with heat taped seams, ensures bogg is leak proof.


boggs shape and construction was carefully considered to ensure, when in use, its contents would remain secure, with little movement inside.  A top zip for quick deposits and a front zip for easy access to clean bags, allows for quickness of use.

When not in use bogg can be stowed away in your pocket or handbag.

bogg dog bag
bogg dog bag


bogg is 22cm x 18cm x 7cm with up to a 1 litre holding capacity. A shoulder strap, long and adjustable, is suitable for dog owners of all sizes.


Storage and washing instructions

To help bogg stays fresh store with main zip left open, or better still, pull the lining inside out. bogg can be used day after day without the need for washing.

When cleaning is required, wash in warm soapy water or machine wash up to 40C.